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Oxygen Stones
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Automatic Shrimp Feeder

    The machine is mainly consists of
  • Feed Storage Tank with Controller ( to be put on the pond dike )
  • Feed conveying pipe ( to be floating on the water surface )
  • Spreader ( floating above water ) in pond center or any location of pond water as desired.
  • The feed spread distance can reach above 20m in radius.
  • Feed timing, feed amount, Feeding location and feed quality is controlled.
  • Save manpower
  • Save feed & lower the FCR.
  • Prevent spoilt of feed and improve water quality.
  • Increase harvest.
  • Lessen the farming day to harvest by more than 20 days.
  • Save farming cost.
  • Reduce farming rishs.


The most popular aeration system now in shrimp farms. It can generate oxygen vigorously.

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