About U.Lek Trading Co., Ltd.

Established in 1988, U. Lek Trading Co., Ltd. is involved in the export and distribution of animal feed. A great line of products available from U. Lek Trading are fish feed, bird feed, rabbit feed as well as shrimp feed. Our fish feed is marketed under four trade names including "Sakura", "Sayuri", "White Rose" and "Omega".

To satisfy our customers, we are happy to offer a private label service bearing customers' own brand names. U. Lek Trading currently generates 30 percent of its total annual revenues from export sales, to destination countries in the Asia Pacific region, East Asia and Southeast Asia.

U. Lek Trading Co., Ltd. is a private limited company with registered capital of US$ 1 million. We currently generate annual revenues of around US$ 25 million and employ a total of 150 employees including 20 quality assurance staff.